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I'm a teacher turned homeschooling mom, educator, Youtuber, and summer school game-school jams coordinator. I've taught kids of all ages for almost 20 years in Australia, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong and lean toward using tabletop games to inspire kids to own what they learn. Our family play games every night, so the games we play tend to run light to medium weight in the party and family genre and I love finding a regular games that turns out surprising results in the name of learning.

We fell into boardgames in 2011 as a broke and newly married couple. Carcasonne, Dominion and Citadels turned out to be great investments since it was easy to spend meaningful time engaged and entertained over the weekends either just us or with our other broke and newly married friends. As our careers took off, we took our games with us wherever we went across Asia - even on the Trans-Siberian Railway! We did have to put them aside for a season when the itty-bitty people joined our family but the minute we could, we pulled them out again so we could grow our gamers and now have a ready table to go every night!

Moon Leap Game Review

Space flight has been achieved. We are the first Astro-tourists to arrive on the moon and it is a rush to see the craters!

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