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Perfect Information Press fake reporterPerfect Information Press is a highly acclaimed news organization dedicated to covering board game related stories around the globe. Originally founded in 1997 by Klaus Teuber to investigate Settlers of Catan copyright infringement cases, Perfect Information Press has become a worldwide news powerhouse with offices in Great Britain, Canada, The United States, Guam, and Nigeria.

Perfect Information Press‘s hard hitting journalistic team includes board game designers, internationally published authors, United States senators, rocket scientists, and a janitor in Lagos (Pẹlẹ o Isioma!).

In addition to covering the most important news stories of our time, Perfect Information Press also publishes the second most read Pandemic fan-fiction ‘zine in Germany, manufactures a popular deodorant brand, and operates a chain of cardboard recycling plants throughout the Southeastern United States.

Our motto? “When news breaks we print, and play it.”

Perfect Information Press is an equal opportunity employer.

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