Meeple Mountain Press Kit

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Greetings and thanks for your interest in Meeple Mountain, we’re excited to be working with you. For convenience sake we’ve made a number of assets available for your download.

We’ve also made the Meeple Mountain logo and branding available in a variety of file types and formats. Please select the most appropriate image for your needs. If you need a higher res version please email with your request.

To download one of these files, right click on the selected option and choose File > Save As. You can also download all logos in a convenient ZIP file.

Looking for suggestions on how to create a killer board game media kit?

560 x 656JPG | Transparent PNG

560 x 652JPG | Transparent PNG

580 x 513JPG | Transparent PNG

580 x 513JPG | Transparent PNG

714 x 98JPG | Transparent PNG

714 x 98JPG | Transparent PNG

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