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For a number of years, our game collection (and I use that term loosely) would grow by one or two games each year. Most often, I would buy a game for the family at Christmas. For Christmas in 2019, I purchased Everdell for my boys without realizing it would turn a casual interest into a full-fledged hobby. Around the same time, I was stepping back from 12 years in church ministry to focus on family, writing, and studies in English Literature. That combination, coupled with the annual call for contributors here at Meeple Mountain, led to my joining the phenomenal team here to share far too many words about board games and the musings they generate in me.

Writing has forced me to be a more attentive and thoughtful gamer, to really pour myself into every experience in order to discover what makes every gear at the table tick. Honestly, I love the process. I love spending time at the table with family, friends, and clever titles that challenge us to do something different with a Friday night. And I love that there is a place like Meeple Mountain that celebrates sharing the ins and outs of a hobby through carefully crafted words.

When I have an unusual thought, often dancing somewhere between a book and a board game, I occasionally post with the community at BoardGameGeek though a blog called Orthogonal Odyssey. If you like what you see here, feel free to check that out as well!

Because we are a family of gamers, I'll share a few of the titles that keep our household happy:

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