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I'm an avid wargamer and have been so since I was a teenager when my father bought me, Panzer Leader, my very first wargame.  Since then, my collection has grown to over 150 games, not all of which are wargames.  While most of my games are about World War II, I have games ranging from Greco-Roman times, through modern warfare and even science fiction-based wargames.  In addition to playing wargames, I've read countless books on military history, not to mention watching films and documentaries.

I have a bachelor’s and master’s degree in engineering and served 20 years on active duty with the U. S. Air Force.  I now work in the private sector as an analyst for a small business that develops software for the Department of Defense.  I'm a member of both the Boardgame Players Association and the Queen City Game Club in Charlotte North Carolina, as well as a supporter of BoardGameGeek.

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