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Hailing from sunny/rainy Singapore, I was raised on a diet of BattleTech, Warhammer (in various guises) and many other games that involved pushing plastic dudes across a map. The arrival of children compelled me to curb my army-building tendencies to make space for the additional human beings. Still hungry to build a collection of some kind, I switched to board games.

It is my joy to be raising two young gamers at home now. The girl prefers mid-weight to heavy-weight engine builders as well as anything with a well-implemented theme. The boy on the other hand fancies himself as the reincarnation of some Napoleonic-era general. When he's not busy pushing blocks of Grenadiers across hexes, he can also be found making explosion sounds while manoeuvring unpainted tanks across the table.

As an added bonus, my wife also plays with us and she's drawn to anything with beautiful art.

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The Captain is Dead Game Review

In Alvin's review of The Captain Is Dead, find out if you have what it takes to save your ship and your crew from an endless stream of catastrophes.

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