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I’ve been gaming my whole life—I was big on Fortress America, Axis & Allies and Shogun growing up along with a D&D game called Mertwig’s Maze—and now I take part in multiple game groups in the Chicagoland area.  Some of my current faves include a mix of game types, from auction and economic games such as Stockpile and Brick & Mortar, to Eurogames such as Grand Austria Hotel, City of the Big Shoulders, Tiletum, The Red Cathedral and Beyond the Sun, to dice chuckers like Arcadia Quest. In 2023, I explored a number of longer, "heavier" games such as Hegemony, Voidfall, and 18xx games such as 1880: China and 1846: The Race for the Midwest.

Offline, I am a diversity, equity and inclusion leader in the consumer products & retail space, with experience building training programs and community engagement in the tech, legal and professional services fields. I often represent Meeple Mountain at tabletop conventions and I've had the chance to guest on a number of podcasts including The BGG Podcast, The Tabletop Merchant Podcast, Board Game Times, Tabletop Submarine, and as a regular contributor on The Five By. I'm also a member of the jury panel for Dicebreaker's Tabletop Awards 2023. I love chatting with others who have a passion for the hobby!

Just One Game Review

One of the best games ever made keeps getting ripped off by pretenders. Join Justin to see why he believes the game Just One will never be topped.

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