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My name is Ammar Al-Abdullah, and I am your humble dungeon-master! I’ve been a fan of all things tabletop gaming for years. My biggest passion is role-playing games. I have years of experience under my belt both running and playing as many RPGs as I can find time for. I spent time as an Adventure League dungeon master and have also run games for local gaming festivals in the Northwest United States.

I’ve made it my personal goal to make a pilgrimage to as many friendly, local game stores as possible! I try to visit every game store I can come across when I travel. I’ve visited a grand total of 20 different game stores in the greater Seattle and Boise area so far! When I take a break from the dice and character sheets, I'm a big fan of abstract and dexterity board games.

I'm also partnered with Arcana Vault! If you need top-shelf dice, dice bags, rolling trays, or other roleplaying toys, you can support my work with Meeple Mountain through my affiliate link here!

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