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Paul Booth is a Professor of Communication at DePaul University. He is the author of Poaching Politics (Peter Lang, 2018, with Amber Davisson, Aaron Hess, and Ashley Hinck), Crossing Fandoms (Palgrave, 2016), Digital Fandom 2.0 (Peter Lang, 2016), Playing Fans (University of Iowa Press, 2015), Game Play (Bloomsbury, 2015), Time on TV (Peter Lang, 2012), and Digital Fandom (Peter Lang, 2010). He has edited the Wiley Companion to Media Fandom and Fan Studies (Wiley, 2018), Seeing Fans (Bloomsbury, 2016, with Lucy Bennett), Controversies in Digital Ethics (Bloomsbury, 2016, with Amber Davisson), and Fan Phenomena: Doctor Who (Intellect, 2013).  Paul is also the founder and organizers of the annual DePaul Pop Culture Conference, which sees fans and scholars getting together to have thoughtful conversations and popular media, and to hear from exciting professional and academic keynote speakers. This year's conference (held in May at DePaul University in downtown Chicago) is all about Superheroes. Past conferences have been about Disney, Harry PotterSupernaturalStar TrekDoctor Who, Slasher films, and the work of Joss Whedon.

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